Benefits of Massage...
  • Relaxes and Refreshes Muscles and Joints
  • Relieves Pain and Tension
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Increases Circulation & Metabolism
  • Improves Lymphatic Function
  • Promotes Faster Healing
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Relieves Sore & Stiff Muscles
  • Calms the Nervous System
  • Relieves Fatigue and Restores Energy
  • Relieves Headache & Eyestrain
  • Improves the Quality of Rest & Sleep
Proudly Serving Banner Elk, Sugar Mountain, Avery County and the High Country
Convienently located near the entrance to  Sugar Mountain.  See my map on the Contact Page.
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Georgia McLean, LMBT, MMP
NC License #9600

(828) 964-3387

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Monday - Thursday 9:00-4:00

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Offering a variety of Therapeutic Techniques to relax your body and calm your mind... a soothing professional setting where you can let your worries melt away!
Massage & Bodywork Therapy
(828) 964-3387